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At Frog Holler, we don’t buy containers of products to wholesale in the industry. Our Buyers review, taste and handle every product we select five days a week. Our Customers demand the finest produce in the industry they know our commitment to their business plan and we only buy for needs, never to store.

Our loyalty to our Chefs and Market Places means we consult with them prior to menu and seasonal changes to plan effectively to make price points and product availability. Some of our Customers have been with us over twenty years.

Being Ann Arbors’ only Produce Company, we accomplish Service faster & better than anyone can. Located centrally in the South side of town for easy pick-up service at anytime. Our fleet of delivery trucks is on the road each day by 6AM and perform three routes each. This gives us reaction time for our direct Customers, better thermo control of our product and a lower carbon footprint than long-range services.

As Ann Arborites doing business in Ann Arbor, we take great pride in the special place Ann Arbor is. The density of dining options, culture and a wonderful selection of food markets all make up the experience. Call us today at Frog Holler we’ll tell you how it works.

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